Are you interested in Continuing Education Credit? You may earn one continuing education unit (not academic credit) through Western Oregon University for attending the conference. For more information go to the CPM Continuing Education Credit Information webpage or pick up the credit application in Sequoia A.

In order to be eligible for this credit you must:

  • Confirm attendance through Kickup for both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Attend a session during each of the time periods, including the Keynote (Saturday morning) and the Ignite Session (Sunday afternoon).

  • Submit Session Feedback Forms for all of the sessions that you attend.

  • Submit a Conference Feedback Form at the end of the Ignite session.

  • Submit the Reflection and action plan submission form.

Confirm Conference Attendance: 

  1. Go to the Kickup website.

  2. Log in with the email you used to register for the conference.

  3. Click "Confirm Attendance at Event."

  4. Enter the Attendance Code, and click "Submit." 

WiFi network name: CPMConference, password: MoreMath2020 

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Osama Hamid

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I have been teaching HS math for 18 years. Always excited to learn more about helping kids and creating a learning environment that empowers kids through collaboration, activity, and discussion. Passionate about soccer, ketchup, travel, family, frozen kit kats, and crushed ice. Also my Jedi powers can make you smile without even being around you......see what I mean.
Friday, February 21

9:00am PST

Saturday, February 22

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11:50am PST

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Sunday, February 23

8:30am PST

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